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Bespoke OEM+ Design

Based in Wirral in the NW of England, 1UpHolstery specialises in OEM and OEM+ retrims for classic cars and vintage vehicles,

We use modern techniques and materials to create interiors that sit seamlessly in each car or project giving an 'Extra life' to classics and campers.


Get in touch to discuss your project, request a quote or book a free consultation.

Mk1 Recaro 7.JPG


If you are restoring a classic to it's former glory the interior is a critical part of your finished project. OEM rebuilds aim to produce an exact replica of the original product using era appropriate materials and techniques for an authentic look and feel.

Audi UR Quattro Interior 06.png


Whether you're after an eye catching show car or a seamless upgrade for everyday we will work with you to design the perfect new look for your vehicle. With access to a huge range of materials and finishes you can be sure you'll be driving away in a one of a kind vehice.

Recaro CS 1Upholstery05.jpg


A camper conversion is more than just a way to get around, it's a personal statement and a home away from home. Whether you're updating existing fittings or designing a complete layout we'll make sure you're travelling in style with bespoke upholstery to suit any application.

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