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1UpHolstery is a wirral based auto upholstery business serving the North West UK and beyond. We specialise in OEM and bespoke retrims for classic vehicles but are best known for our work on 80's and 90's VAG models.

I've been passionate about all kinds of cars from a young age but nothing quite captured my imagination like the classics of the hot hatch era. For me the simple formula of bolting huge engines into tiny hatchbacks and calling it a GTI has always been a winning one.

When I started to upholster my own cars I quickly found myself trimming bits for my firends, then their friends, then theirs. 1UpHolstery grew into a business shaped around my passion for seeing these forgotten cars restored to (or way beyond)  their former glory. For me the satisfaction of seeing a client's reaction to their new ride and knowing they will be enjoying  my work for years to come is what makes it so special.

In this business, quality snd reputation are everything and I make sure every job, big or small is treated as if it is my own.

If you'd like to find out more about what we can do for get in touch with your ideas for a free consultation and quote.

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