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Upholstery FAQ

Not sure where to start? Check out aur FAQ's below before your consultation to make sure you get all the information you need.

Q: OEM, OEM plus and bespoke. What's the difference?

'OEM' - Original manufacturers specifications. The aim is to reproduce the factory look exactly using era appropriate materials and fixings.

OEM plus -  Using modern materials and techiques to produce an age and manufacterer appropriate finish that compliments the look, often taken from the same country or group. Porsche seats in a VW for example.

BESPOKE - The sky is the limit. Any combination of fabric and material is possible. Go wild.


Q: Do you make seat covers I can fit myself?

We only offer a full upholstery service for any trimmed items. We do not offer DIY bespoke covers as the final fit is a complex and important part of the process. IF you are unable to travel with your items get in touch to discuss your options.

Q: I can't decide on a design. Can you choose for me?

There are so many options available that it can be hard to choose if you don't already have a clear vision for your vehicle. We won't tell you what you should do but we'll help you explore the options and guide you through the pros and cons of each. We're always happy to organise fabric and material samples for clients and spend all the time you need before commiting to a project.


Q: Can you repair just one damaged section on my seat?

Yes, with a few caveats. If you have a worn or ripped panel it can often be replaced with either some new fabric or a donor panel from another seat. With vinyl and leather it is more difficult due to the permanent effect of stitching through these materials. Fabric ages with time and replacing a panel with any new material will be noticable, Because the seat must normally be disassembled to repair one panel it may be more sensible to opt for a full retrim.


Q: Do you repair bolster foam damage?

Over time foam compresses, gets damaged and can rip in high load areas. Individual foams can often be replaced but if not we can repair or rebuild the existing foam to the original spec. When upholstering a pair of front seats we will swap your passenger and driver side foams to extend the life of the set unless we are replacing them


Q: What about burns, rips and tears in leather and fabric?

Minor repairs in leather, vinyl and some fabrics can be carried out by a smart repair technician. We don't offer this service but a quick search will reveal one local to you. This is often the best approach for small areas of damage but if your seats are worn they will need replacements.

Q: When do I pay for the work?

To commence work we require a deposit to the value of the materials for your job only. Labour and sundry costs make up the final balance payable only when the job is complete and you are satisfied with the result.


Q: Can I send my seats to you?

Absolutely, you can send seats via courier or pallet to be retrimmed but on completion they will need to be collected in person. We generally require bespoke work to be checked and approved by the client before leaving us and sending any freshly trimmed seats via a thrid party gives us nightmares. 

For smaller trimmed items that can be safely packaged we are happy to arrange tracked courier delivery if requested.

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